May 202011

Lots of people talk in their sleep but few will ever know it or admit it. I know it and I confess. And now it’s payback time!

When my now husband and I first started dating and living separately, he was a night owl and I was a sleeper. I would wake up and call him to complain that he didn’t call me the night before only to find out he did and that we had a completely intelligent conversation. I even did my duty by telling him I loved him at all the right times. I just didn’t remember anything happening. He didn’t realize I was asleep.

Even when I had his cell phone – one of those odd flip phones instead of just-press-the-button-to-answer – I promptly picked it up and talked a good talk.

More recently, after living together, he came to bed asking for lip balm and I guessed I clearly asked why. He replied that his lips were burning so I proceeded to sit right up in bed and yelled for him to call the fire department. It was his turn to ask why and I answered “because your lips are on fire!” When he laughed I laid back down and went to sleep.

Once he tried to trick me and went to bed asking if I set the alarm for a Saturday morning at 6:30. Although he thought I was asleep I was awake – sort of. I said it was Saturday and asked why we would need to be up so early. (I seem to be very childlike with my incessant “why’s” when I’m drowsy or asleep.) He went on to say we were going to the circus to swim with the dolphins and ride the camels. I just turned and exclaimed “you idiot” and went back to sleep.

Now, I’m the night owl and my husband is the exhausted earlier bird and revenge is sweet… bitter and sweet.

Last night I asked him if he was awake enough to understand me and he said he was. He was laying on his back so I laid my hand on his chest and went on to explain that I was invited to an awards dinner of sorts, let him know the cost and asked if it was ok. He immediately threw my hand of his chest, turned his back to me and began snoring. I asked if he was mad at me and he just grunted. But somehow decided that we already had that conversation when I asked him about it in the morning.

I will continue talking to him when I go to bed in the early morning hours and update as the events progress. I trust he’ll be talking a mile a minute very soon.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

PS: Do you talk in your sleep? Know someone who does?

  3 Responses to “Sleep Talking”

  1. Oh that’s funny. I sometimes wake myself us when I try to talk so I’m fairly certain I don’t do it often. My husband on the other hand, tends to giggle in his sleep. No idea what is so funny; he can never remember his dreams. My youngest son started calling the chickens once. “Here chicky, chicky, chicky” It was so funny, all slurred and sleepy sounding.

  2. A very amusing post.You and your husband may cook food together in the sleep? Hehe….

  3. That’s so funny Sarah! Ah hahaha… LOL. I talked in my sleep a few times since I’ve been married and both times I was waken up by my husband’s loud laughing. I guess I’m really funny when I talk in my sleep. Too bad I can’t do that awake and make lots of money as a stand up comic. he he…..

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