May 272011

Saturday May 21, 2011 promised to be a crucial day to some people who believed a rapture would occur and save all the people who believed, leaving those who well…didn’t. As far as most of us can tell the world is still spinning on its same axis with almost all the same people who started the day (with a few good exceptions, of course, which really aren’t exceptions at all if you know the statistics). So what happened to the predictions, the people who knew they could empty their pockets of any worldly possessions? What are they now saying?

I’m curious but what I’ve been seeing more instead is the ridicule of the non-believers and skeptics and how they “mock” the idea of knowing when this rapture will take place.

Instead of mocking this I saw the non-event as a new beginning for everyone on earth. Believer or not, this is like a New World Revolution where we can celebrate life and appreciate what this earth has to offer in each of it’s unique religions, beliefs, ethnicities, etc. It’s like having a New Year’s Resolution opportunity after the Christmas chocolates have been eaten and we may or may not have continued the new lifestyle we promised ourselves months ago.

Darkness is the absence of light, we don't need to analyze it more yet do.

Is this a rapture? Maybe not but why not take full advantage of who surrounds us, love them for all they offer and enjoy each day to the fullest instead of harping about what didn’t come – let’s celebrate what did.

Thanks for reading and appreciating,

Sarah Butland

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  1. I found that this rapture had me thinking too. I have started to try and live in the present as much as I can. What I really wonder about though is what happened to all of the people who emptied their bank accounts, or as I read one man did, left their families to go and spend money on gambling and hookers in Vegas? There was no rapture but a heck of a lot of destruction.

  2. That is an interesting way of viewing this, Sarah. It gives a refreshing and affirming point of view on a subject which has either been seen as an event which would bring nothing but disaster, fear hatred and a weird, perverse sort of optimism for those who believe they will be saved from impending doom by a divine hand.

    Perhaps they waited in anticipation of the day of judgement with a sort of smugness knowing that they would be exempt from all earthly responsiblities, as they were God’s chosen ones. And in some way, one has to wonder if they weren’t looking forward to the earth itself, and all the “wretched sinners” being burned, while they did not need to lift a finger. Now, as nothing has happened and life continues and we continue as humans, these “believers” are more than a little ashamed or disappointed. So it would seem.

    Referring to it as a non-event was rather appropriate, do you not think? For any events that happen are caused by us and us alone. We cannot control the earth or any cataclysmic things such as earthquakes and tornatdos. That has happened to the planet for millenia. But we can take responsibility as human beings for our reaction to them and how we behave towards each other and how we face adversity. Perhaps God in his infinite wisdom possesses a sense of humor(irony:we’re still alive. we are all the chosen ones) I wonder if any of us feel a little sheepish and ashamed of our smugness?

    The fact is, as you stated, it can and is a new beginning for us. We were all put here to begin something good. Any events or monumental changes are initiated and perpetuated by all human beings. We do not know how God will shake things up, but between you and me I think he will use us humans to create all the biggest changes in the future.

    In this

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