Apr 082011

Like a butterfly with holes instead of colour on its wings our government once again takes flight. Pushed from the tattered cocoon, legs scrambling and head twisting, the insect left the newly re-birthed leaves in its wake; unsure of who would greet them next.

Would they meet Mr Butterfly again before his life expired or would someone different take the limb? If this butterfly returned would he look shiny and new again, polished and respectable or grossly defeated?

Or would the lowly grasshopper, the one no one hears up here, take life and spring from the depths of rejection? Unlikely. More likely but much like the butterfly would be the one with the beady eyes and see-through wings. Beady as the fly’s eyes are this insect believes he sees all yet  walks through s*#@ like he enjoys it.

Then there could be that praying mantis who seems to blend in while sticking out like a candy cane on palm tree. He seems nice, level headed and ready to care for the world, at least the one we belong to but who knows what’ll happen to him if he embarks new territory.

Then there’s the Busy Bee who is always buzzing but we never understand much of what he says if he’s actually saying anything at all. We can’t even vote for him to visit us – maybe he’ll create his own hive, with all of his worker bees following the rule of the Queen, outside of our reach. Maybe even further if he has anything to do with it. His web is always so sticky and forget it if it reaches our tiny branches, they’ll be drowned!

No matter who gets up here we know it won’t be forever so, unfortunately, we’ll let him lie while he or she is here, spin their webs and capture some unsuspecting prey. What? You thought only spiders did that? Not a chance, there’s a whole world of creepy crawlies up here that you don’t know about yet.  So get out and vote for the one who makes you shudder the least.

It’s important – your vote could swing the pendulum in someone’s favour.

Thank you for reading, and voting,

Sarah Butland

PS: This is thanks to Deborah Carr’s crazy zaniness of clustering…

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  1. Love this. I just hope more people vote this time… I love Canada – I am tired of what is being done to it and us.

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