Apr 152011

Warning: Political issues discussed in this blog.

Typically politics is not my forte nor has it ever been or I think will be but I still vote. I just can’t stay quiet when I have a forum such as this to hopefully convince even one more Canadian to use their right to vote.

I have my opinion on who definitely shouldn’t be voted in as Prime Minister but that’s not for me to share or encourage. I want you, every Canadian possible, to vote on May 2nd, 2011 and to do so for the party they most want to see in office. Not for the party you think most promising to get in or not bother voting for another party because their chance is small. I often wonder if every voter cast with their heart how Canada would change.

How often have you voted on a Facebook status or retweeted someone’s Tweet you particularly liked? Does this depend on how many others have done it first or have you started a wave, small or tremendous? Or are you able to make a stand for something you like or “dislike”? Why can you do it on social networking sites and not when it comes to making a change country wide?

In Tuesday nights debate Harper asked the other parties why they were looking 5-10 years ahead and not dealing with what is the present. This was said before and after his explanation of buying new fighter jets for Canada because the ones over Libya have done their job and need to be retired.

The choice is NOT between a Liberal and Conservative government as Ignatieff wants you to believe. Although historically speaking Canada has been “led” by one of these parties, it has also been known for having more young voters take a stand. Historically speaking Canada’s government has never been held in contempt.

History is meant to teach us how to improve and I know that this year is already filled with historical moments, changes and improvements. An increase in votes will be one of them.

Please share this, comment on it and keep this year’s election in everyone’s mind no matter how you decide to cast your vote – just do so.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

PS: I’m looking ahead for Canada and know where I’m going on May 2nd, 2011 – do you?

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