Apr 012011

Congestion, stuffy nose, plugged up – whatever you call it the symptom happens and it gets annoying! Whether you have allergies, suffering with a cold or randomly have to deal with your nostrils being blocked of airways your life changes dramatically when it happens.

Facial tissue is gone through like you’re consuming it and you haven’t eaten in months, your outer ridges of each nostril are tender, raw and red, and everyone runs the other way as they know you must have cooties and they don’t want them.

Whatever the reason and no matter how positive of an outlook I have that it won’t last it’s miserable! I believe I sleep with my mouth closed while I breath through my nose (not much I can do if I don’t so if you tell me different it won’t bother me) but when I’m stuffed up this is definitely a problem. My sleep routine is dictated by which nostril is clear to inhale and exhale while the other dissolves (?) it’s problems to the trouble-free one.

Then I switch sides.

And the trade commences once again. Then I try to open my mouth, sleep on my back or belly or just plain get to sleep so I don’t have to worry about it (who worries about breathing in everyday life?) but nothing seems to make a difference. My nose knows how cranky this makes me each time as then I start inspecting it to see if I can figure out what’s even up there causing this problem.

I know I’m not alone in this inspection – someone has caught you even glaring at your tissue after blowing your nose. Why do we do that, anyway? This question was asked on Facebook as one of the random status updates when I was pregnant and I still remember my excuse – pregnant women are prone to nose bleeds so I’m checking for that.

So then why do I still check? And why do others do it and try to deny it? I know you’re now wondering yourself so why don’t you come clean and admit it, maybe then our noses will know how to come clean too.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

  2 Responses to “My Nose Always Knows, Does Yours?”

  1. I am suffering with that right now. I got a relapse this morning.:(
    My guess is our brain is wired to catch anything abnormal, so it can alert us of any problems. Infection, etc.

  2. I know the feeling well – but I am looking forward to a new product. I saw it on Lion’s Den (where they present new ideas and ask for support …money-wise…to help them market their product). It was a nose shield which would prevent germs from entering our nose. Apparently, germs re colds enter through our noses, not our mouth. It was fascinating. The guy was offered 4 millions for the idea (I kid you not) and he refused (I again kid you not). But he did get a million dollars plus the expertise of the people there (giving up 20% royalty and 10% share in the company). I cannot wait for this product to be available in Canada!!

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