Mar 252011

Seeing new clothes on the shelves of today’s stores can make me cringe as they are now making me think of times before my own time. We all know it happens – clothes cycle through their fazes and come back to be trendy when they were so gawd-awful when we were young. I was never one to wear the style if I didn’t like it and was often looked down upon for it.

But while others were looking down I was always look up knowing that I was strong enough to be who I was when I was that person. This edition is not about trends as much as it is about remembering the clothes, your favourite outfit from years ago, that you would SO wear now! Even if it wasn’t “cool” then or now.

I’ll always remember my brown cords with the tight cording and only slight bell bottoms that went so perfectly with a type of lycra darker brown shirt with white flowers. To complete it I had a cord jacket, bought separately from the pants but a perfect match and wonderful on the cooler spring days.

The outfit was something I had over 10 years ago but I often wonder why I can’t find something like it now. Maybe it has something to do with not being comfortable wearing tight shirts anymore but it makes me wonder if everyone had that favourite thing they wished they fit in now.

Not so much because you wish you were skinnier, braver or still looked good in a certain colour but an outfit or piece of clothing that made you feel so comfortable and fit your personality so well you wore it so often you wore it out.

Even though I’m female I really only enjoy shopping when I can relax with what I’m spending and what I’m spending it on. If a store opened with a bigger size of the clothes we used to where I’d shop there – would you?

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Sarah Butland

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  1. Well… I had a couple of sweater dresses – which you can still buy, that I loved! I might wear them again but that would mean wearing dresses, and I swore those off after Catholic school! lol

  2. My absolute favorite outfit was a cordoroy jumpsuit – bell-bottoms, zippered up, with a gold chain around waist. Yes, I am talking about the clothes of the 60s. Loved those ponchos also, as well as very wide bell bottom pants (think Mod Squad types), with a plain blouse but always, and I mean always, love beads. Now here we are in 2011 and I found this amazing poncho like I used to wear at Hyzaard at Trinity – only problem is it cost over $100. Well, for old times’ sake and just so I would have one once again to make me feel like a teenager, I bought it. Since then, I have received 2 other ponchos (one from hubby, one from my sister). I may not look 16 again, but somehow, when I wear one of them, I feel somewhat younger. As for the one piece cord jumpsuit, I have not looked for any as my body has undergone some changes since my size 8 sixteen-year old self.

  3. My older sister bought me a pair of dark blue Jeans, that fit like Sandy’s on Grease and a finely knitted little white sweater that went exactly to the belt of the pants. With pretty dark blue (embroidery) flowers on the top right side.And a dark blue trim around the neck and bottom. It was my first grown up new outfit. We were 10 children at home. So new was rare. I was 14. I washed that outfit everynight by hand to wear the next day until it fell abart. I haven’t worn 24 inch jeans since I was 25 and even if it was made for my size now I could not pull that look off. I had a blue jean vest and blue jeans when I was 25 it was given to me and I felt so comfortable in it. I would wear that if I could find it in my size now.
    Sarah thank you for the wonderful walk down memory lane. It brought back many, many more memories attached to those outfits that I had not taught of for such a long time.

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