Mar 182011

We’ve all dealt with it or at least heard of it happening. One kid or another biting or being bit when first starting daycare or maybe even school. The mystery isn’t why they are doing it, what gets me is why we are all wondering why they think it’s ok. Why they are doing it to kids we thought were there friends.

Remember when Mommy was home with Little Liam and loved nibbling on his toes?

Don’t you recall when Daddy was tired of the teething screams and handing Maniac Madison her teething ring?

When hearing giggles from your teeth gently grasping Happy Harry’s fingers?

I’ll always remember breast feeding my Wonderful William and having him lift his feet to my mouth. His delightful laughter emerging and his smiling eyes shining while I pretended to eat his feet. It was a marvelous time until he started biting me back (not while eating but that HAS happened!).

These are very common terms of endearment; games to play with your perfect little angel but horrible when the game is played on you by someone who doesn’t realize the power of new and sharp little teeth. Some people continue to bite back in good nature… I decided to stop as William’s sharp little teeth HURT!

I also quickly understood why this may carry on in later years when we take away all forms of toys they are encouraged to bite. Then we want them to make friends and they do what kids do what they learn – biting is fun and makes others laugh!

Teeth of endearment should be understood before encouraged as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but our little babies don’t always understand what gentle means.

As always… Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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