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We all do it. We all watch the night sky waiting to see that falling star, wrap our pinky around one side of a wishbone, close our eyes and imagine a better world before blowing our a birthday candle. We’ve all made a wish and became frustrated when nothing of the sort came true… or did it?

I remember blowing out my candle as a little girl and wishing for the love of a boy. A certain cute boy who sat beside me in class or I saw in the school hallways. Sometimes it was a man, many years older and seemingly wiser who one day paid extra close attention to me and had me swooning. The things I did to get this attention were embarrassing, humiliating but all I could do to stand out being the shy girl I was. And so as I wrote in my diary about the events of that day, seemingly momentous but realistically dull and usual, I would wish with all my might that he’d ask me to marry him.

Haven’t you been there?

Wishing for a bigger house, a way out of the city or country, a faster car? Taking the actions to get it, knowing full well just wishing wouldn’t make it so, but not getting it in the time frame you set for yourself?

But take a look back, think back to what you wished for and realize how many of those wishes were granted. For myself, I had a man, an older man, who fell in love with me just as suddenly as I fell for him. He asked me to marry him, he stood beside me every second (or practically) as we welcomed our child into this world. He’s my publisher, gives me time and encouragement to do what I love and makes sacrifices daily for me.

And when I look back and think about all the men I didn’t get to fall in love me with, all the wishes that weren’t granted when I was 12 years old or so, all the hopes and dreams I had that had me sobbing, crying and writing in my diary now have me joyous, gracious and happy.

Our crushes, our dreams, our every wish and each action we take to be happy is being granted in it’s own unique way. So keep dreaming, continue to wish and I know you’ll continue to be frustrated when nothing seems to happen but be patient. Your amazing world of dreams come true and wishes granted is waiting for you to welcome it into your life.

Thank you to everyone who I crushed on and let me down, all the friends who stood by me when I sulked in my misery and thank YOU for reading and wishing,

Sarah Butland

  5 Responses to “Wishes Do Come True, Just Not How You Always Imagined”

  1. Our crushes, our dreams, our every wish and each action we take to be happy is being granted in it’s own unique way. = I loved this sentence. Looking back over my life, this is certainly true. Loved this beautifully written post.

  2. I loved this post, Sarah…and see so much truth in it. Too often we put time limits on our dreams and feel disappointed when they don’t become reality. When I look back to my childhood and the things I hoped for, I can honestly say I am now living in those same dreams.

  3. You are so wise, Sarah. I like to add the ending “this or something better” to all of my wishes now. The Universe knows what is in our highest good so much better than we do.

    Thanks for this.


  4. Beautiful post Sarah. Our wishes do indeed come true, eventually, and usually not in the way we wanted them to – fortunately for most of them. There is, at least in my opinion, a reason we do not get what we wish for … perhaps because somehing better is awaiting us. And we need to be careful about what we wish for, because we can attract negatives. It is all in continuing on our life journeys in spite of everything. And sometimes, the answer to our wishes is a simple ‘No’ from the universe, for our higher good…. or ‘not right now’… so we will learn something greater.
    I was once engaged to a man before I met my husband. I thought this was the man I would marry – but it did not work out, but he is now a priest (he went to Israel and found ‘himself’ and found out what his life journey was meant to be. I was but a lesson on his personal journey, and my journey meant that I would marry the exact person I was meant to (altho sometimes this is not always the case). But if we open up and ‘let go’ – things usually work the way they are meant to. Glad you posted this Sarah!!

  5. ah, where would we be without wishes….

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