Mar 042011

We all do it – wish we won the lottery. Believe life would be simple if our numbers were called to win millions of dollars. Trust that sitting back dream of where the money would go will make it magically disappear. And I’m sure these thoughts have increased since “The Secret” wasn’t so secret anymore but we’re still sitting, dreaming, wishing, believing and not many of us are financially richer than we were years ago.

So who is winning the lottery and why aren’t you? I can tell you why I’m not! No, it’s not because I haven’t bought a ticket in forever – it’s something even sillier! I haven’t checked the tickets we bought. It’s true… although I believe at some point I will win the lottery, completely trust that this is going to happen for me someday so much so that I keep buying the tickets with millions of dollar signs in my eyes but once I do that they stay on my fridge, in a drawer or on a table until they get lost in the mix-up I call my life.

They simply aren’t doing me any good sitting around collecting dust, being hidden with other papers (usually bills) or being thrown out. And just the thought of this irks me but in my heart, truly deep down in the essence of my being I know I’ve (wait for the cliche) already won, I’m just waiting for my cash prize.

I’ve won because I know what my passion is – writing.

I’m doing what I love and love what I do – write.

My family is the prize I have always imagined and more.

My winnings are my confidence, belief and strength.

The greatest prize of all is me.

And yet sometimes, like everyone, I struggle with understanding that all of this is all I need. Winning millions of dollars would be fantastic, don’t get me wrong but I know I will earn that with doing what I love and that’s worth more to me than a lucky choice of machine chosen numbers. Yes, it will pay the bills, get me in a bigger house and hire a maid, a driver and give me more time and freedom to be with my family but it won’t give me the feeling of hardwork paying off.

Someday soon I’ll be cashing in those lottery tickets and hope you do, too. Until then, I’m enjoying what I’ve won already and hope you are too.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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  1. We also have to be careful what we wish for. Sometimes we think we know what we want and we wish for it. But the Universe usually knows us better than we know ourselves. Sometimes our answer is a simple ‘No’ and we should bless those ‘no’s’ in our lives. Because I believe they are there to make us a better person, to appreciate (like you do) the small thlings in life that are much more precious than money, and what is more the most important – our own self of worth. How many of us would stop writing if we had everything we wanted? How many of us would hire a nanny for our child? I know you would not do that, but even in not winning the lotto, we learn a lot – just as you say…. However, do check those tickets will you? And if you win, remember your friends :o)
    Actually, Sarah, a great post!!

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