Feb 252011

You’re walking down a seemingly deserted road on a very cliched dark and stormy night. You feel eyes on you, watching, seeking, searching and staring and wondered why you didn’t charge your cell phone that day. Of course your car battery died, you were lost and it was raining and you were alone, or at least you wished you were.

It happens to everyone – feeling like the typical Hollywood damsel in distress with no one to call on for help. Being followed was never a good thing, that was until Twitter came out. Then being followed was seen as such an honour, at least for me it does.

Recently Erica Spindler, author extraordinaire, found my review of her novel, Bone Cold, and began following me on Twitter. I haven’t been that excited in a long time. Best selling authors can follow me anytime as I will look back and know that someday I will be one following a fellow emerging author and having them be excited about the process.

Stalking, however, is still something to be taken very seriously and avoided at all costs. Following, however, has become sort of a big deal and I like it when it comes to being linked to famous authors.

Have you been Twitter Followed or Facebook Friended by someone that got you all goosebumpy? Share the experience and remember the excitement again.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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  1. Staying in personal contact with everyone online is impossible but showing recoginition to other followers by blogging in a way that they can appreciate is one way to keep up with your followers.I have had some online friends for several years.I also meet networkers who I had contact with several years ago and we are still friends.I do meet new people every day.Online friends are real friends.

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