Nov 242010

If you’re a parent of a young child you know the stress vaccinations can
be on you, sometimes even more so than your child. Not knowing if you’re
doing the right thing by getting the regular needles adds to the worry
of proper parenting. No matter how many parenting books you read or are
on your shelves the correct answer is never unveiled.

Paul and I have decided that history speaks for itself when it comes to
the shot ritual and have brought William to a nurse whenever he’s due
for another. Yesterday he had his 12 month shots plus two flu shots.

All the hype of being worried about our young boy got the better of me.
I did remain confident and told my in-laws that he’ll be fine but a part
of me wanted to be with him. A part of me still wondered if these
needles would go like all the rest and he’d prove the hysteria behind
them wrong. I wouldn’t be there to console him, that was my biggest
concern but I was back to work as Canadian maternity leave is one year
(hallelujah as I don’t know what I’d do if I had to leave him at 6

William’s father went as well as my mother in law and I sat at work
waiting for some communication that things were done. When I finally got
it the news was good – he cried during the process but quickly recovered
and began looking through books like nothing was done.

On a side note, I don’t know why the waiting room of Public Health in
Moncton doesn’t have more than one English children’s book. I appreciate
that we’re a bilingual community and French books are great for the
bilingual and French community but where are all the English books? Are
the members of the English speaking community taking these home with
them, forgetting that other children want to read while they wait? Maybe
I’ll donate some and see how long they stay…

My husband opted to complete a survey to document all the regular things
we check anyway. Is William’s arm red? Swollen? Does he have a
temperature? Is he crankier than normal? All the stuff you worry about
happening but because he had a flu shot we were asked to record it and
send it back in. Thankfully, squeezing William’s arm didn’t bother him
and he went on playing. There was no redness, swelling or temperature.
Our 12 month old survived with nothing more than a sticky square being
left in place of his bandages.

When I dropped him off this morning at my in-laws my mother in-law
immediately asked how he was feeling. She felt bad for him because he
had to go through such a terrible experience. I showed her that he
didn’t mind the ordeal at all by touching his arms and legs and tickling
him to hear him giggle.

New parents shouldn’t work themselves up so much, shouldn’t listen to
all the horror stories that will be forced upon them. There are some
babies who have a harder time than others but always remember that they
feed off your energy and if you’re stressed about something so might
they be. If you laugh, relax and breath the vaccinations will be over
before you know it – just like their first year!

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