Nov 062010

I’m back to work. After a year long maternity leave I’ve left my son with my in-laws and my parents and have gone back to work. Although there weren’t balloons and streamers there was a momentous and delicious potluck and faces I haven’t seen in twelve months.

These faces are now constant reminders of priorities and where mine lie. I used to think I needed a social life, I spent days off craving visits from so many of the people I called friends and now I know. My cravings are days at home with my son. Nights of being with my husband and of being me.

Everyone has priorities and I’ve come to respect what those are. Family is number one for me and then there’s being me. Writing is second as I can depend on the characters in my head to show up when invited. I don’t think I’m being cruel where cruelness isn’t due and I feel I’m giving credit where that’s due.

I saw a few people in my time away and Facebook kept me in the know and for this I’m thankful. There’s a group of girls that kept me talking adult talk almost weekly and I have come to appreciate knowing mother’s going through much of the same things I am and at the same time.

With limited time now I am thankful I had the year off to discover who is true and who puts on a front. My mask is off, my gloves will only be worn on cold days and, best of all, I like me and love being me. Maternity leave has had me come to the realization that it’s enough.

Thank you for reading,

Sarah Butland

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  1. There’s something to be learned and gained from every situation we find ourselves in! I have been on a career break for three years now and although I sometimes miss my job, It doesn’t seem as important as it once did. Also, I can’t imagine getting involved with office politics etc again as it all seems so trivial compared to parenthood! Many of my friends who have returned to work after maternity leave or career breaks say they feel the same. They go to work, do the best job they can but their priorities are now elsewhere. I would say that is a healthy way to be!

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