Oct 292010

Not everyone needs excessive dental work done. It’s not common to need your jaw broken and reset, braces aren’t an everyday thing and malocclusion’s or “bad bites” don’t always get fixed. But that doesn’t mean local orthodontists don’t make you smile or your smile shine.

Recently a Facebook friend shared a link of the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the first ever Atlantic Dream Festival. All you needed to do was “like” the page of a local orthodontist by the name of Dr Michel Martin and comment on his Atlantic Dream Festival poster. Easy peasy, as some kids I know would say, so I did it and spent every day believing I’d come out a winner. I wanted so badly to attend the festival but couldn’t justify spending $225 on a ticket so I waited.

The winner’s were announced and I wasn’t one of them, unfortunately. But I still believed something awesome was going to happen and it did. In the meantime I congratulated the winners, liked their comments of gratitude and waited. It wasn’t long before I received a message from Dr Michel Martin himself telling me he had a single ticket with my name on it. I was going to go see Sir Richard Branson, Frank McKenna, Steve Murphy and Brad LeBlanc!! I would say I couldn’t believe it but I did!!

Things were so rushed at this point as it was the event was the next day that I arranged for my husband to go instead. And boy was he impressed! He came home talking of how incredible 21 year old Brad LeBlanc is for organizing the entire event. People told him it was impossible but he proved them wrong – in a HUGE way!!

Today we’re going back as we were fortunate enough to get access to the rest of the speakers including Ron Buist of Tim Horton’s fame. I can’t wait!!

Next Dr Martin is giving away an IPad when he reaches 500 members. He’s only 119 “likes” away and I know you would love to have this IPad for yourself or as a Christmas present so you can join him at Dr Martin Braces/ Orthodontiste today.

And it’s not just Dr Martin who is doing amazing things for the Moncton community and beyond. Dr McManaman has been donating crazy amounts of money to Run for the Cure and Trojan Trek. He donated money on your behalf if you simply liked his page and wrote a comment on it. Through your help he donated $5000 to Trojan Trek and $3000 to Run for the Cure. Stay tuned for his next fundraiser as it’s just as easy as copying and pasting on his page. You can be informed by liking his page today at DocBraces.com.

This just goes to show that great smiles can be free and we have fantastic men in Moncton!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

  3 Responses to “Orthodontists Do Good Work”

  1. That sounds really great, congratulations on winning after all. You seem to have some really nice orthodontists in your area. I had the unfortunate experience of having braces as a kid and now you couldn’t force me to go to an orthodontist if you had a gun pointed at my head. But, kudos to them for all they are doing for society.

  2. Hello Sarah:

    Just wanted to thank you for the great blog about local Orthodontists do good work! Very kind of you and I also see you have a great article on the Peter Gzowski Golf Invitational for Literacy, Docbraces has been one of the major sponsors of this event for the last two years. We are blessed with the opportunity to help in anyway we can with adult literacy. Keep up the great service and I will keep your blog on my interesting reads. Thanks again! John McManaman (Docbraces).

    • Thank you so much for finding this and noticing. I have a special place in my life for improving literacy, in children and adults, and love that you play such a vital role in the Moncton Community in this regard.

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