Oct 262010

I’m terrible. I started a column and I haven’t been back again to write another one. I have no excuses, I have topics galore  but I kept wondering what day would be best to write. I guess that doesn’t matter, it just matters that I write.

But I have decided to make my write each Friday until December and then I’ll be switching to Wednesdays. I want to make this regular, want you to know when you can anticipate a new column and be back to comment, read and share on a regular basis.

I was going to write a column about my ongoing saga with Sears and their horrible, HORRIBLE, customer service but I won’t for several reasons. The first is I don’t want them to have more links to their site, to be ranked higher on search engines because of another site using their name as a keyword. And I don’t want to be negative as I’m trying to turn my karma around and get some more good things happening.

I thought of detailing my experience at Wal-Mart where we were treated like we created their policy on when you’re incorrectly charged. Again, it was a negative experience that had me frustrated but there was something that happened that day that made me smile.

I’m going into the schools to read my children’s book and work with kids. For that I need a criminal record done (and returned without a red mark) so I went to the local police station to complete the forms. I arrived, cheque in hand, prepared to file for my record check. Unfortunately I looked at the form to see I needed a stamped envelope for the return.

This I didn’t bring so I was about to leave when I decided to stand in line to ask. There was, at that time, only a couple people in front of me and my husband went out of his way to get me there so it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Good thing I did as the person I talked to gave me a stamped envelope (her last).

It does make a difference when you ask and such a difference in the world when you help out.

Thankful again,

Sarah Butland

PS: I’ll be back on Friday. 🙂

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  1. You are absolutely correct! We could change the whole world with just a little more kindness from each of us everyday; also a positive outlook will change your life around completely. I’ve been working on this myself for the last few days and I hope I can carry it on long enough to make ‘positive thinking’ a natural habit/instinct.

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