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I just got back to Moncton from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island where I saw Live! With Regis and Kelly live! with my husband. It was amazing. The weather promised rain and it poured on Sunday, keeping us inside and under cover all night. We took a drive down to the set, saw that the place for the audience was uncovered and wondered how soaked we were going to be.

I didn’t wonder long.

We went to a store that sold poncho’s for $3 but decided if we were going to be wet we may as well be soaked. My inlaws came with us, to look after our son while we were at the show, and they continued to warn us of torrential downpours and advised us to bring a raincoat. I told them not to worry.

My Intention Held Strong

I told them it would be overcast, warm and perfect. That not a raindrop would fall. I planned to even leave my jacket at the cottage I was so convinced the weather would hold off. There was a tiny bit of doubt, hearing so much negativity from my inlaws and the constant worry from them that we would be so uncomfortable and wet. I contradicted them every thought of the way.

I did grab my jacket on the way out as black clouds were rolling in and I didn’t want to be caught without it on tv.

I shouldn’t have. Even though the crowd kept talking of rain, the clouds continued to roll in and threaten it, my husband and I continued to believe we’d be fine and make it through dry.

Wet Feet

Suffice it to say not a drop fell. Our feet got wet and muddy and we loved it. Everyone else sat and whined, bickered and continued to predict rain but we held strong. Our spirits weren’t dampened at all and we enjoyed the experience to its fullest.

Returning to the cottage, my son and my inlaws we were thrilled to point out that not a drop of rain fell and it was great to see my mother inlaw taking my son out for a walk even though she “knew” it would pour.

I was watching history in the making. Way to go PEI!!

Next time I see Regis and Kelly so close I’ll be on the stage telling them about my determination to make my books bestsellers.

Look out Twilight and Harry Potter – there’s a new girl in town that can stay up all day and night and knows the magic of believing.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

  3 Responses to “Live! With Regis and Kelly, The Law of Attraction and Sarah?”

  1. I have no doubt that you will Sarah!

  2. You one strong lady, Sarah Butland. Above the clouds, the sun is always shining and without the rain, we would not survive.

  3. Way to go Sarah!
    Strong intentions & believing in our convictions – creating the outcomes we truly seek, are definitely where we see the Law of Attraction at work! 😉

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