Jun 072010

No, it’s not one of those emails everyone receives congratulating you on being selected to receive a large sum of money if you’ll only send along your account number. Nor is it something you will regret signing up for. You don’t have to put your family up for adoption, run across the country or be naked for anything – it’s just straightforward awesome marketing.

If you have a website you’re selling something – yourself, a commodity, novelty items, something. You want traffic, you want business, you are striving for success. Wouldn’t $20 000 help you with this?

Call him crazy but Sean Rasmussen is giving away cash to someone who uses his marketing methods and joins his Facebook group. Sound too easy? Tell me about it. Just visit Sean’s site to learn everything you need to know. Then join his Facebook group, let him know why you joined and who sent you.

Let’s Learn and Earn together 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

  One Response to “$20 000 Sent From Australia”

  1. Hi there
    Like the look of your blog and have joined as a friend… now I’ll pop over to Facebook and Twitter and follow you there too. Great to meet you!

    I am already a follower of Sean Rasmussen as he is big into the Law of Attraction as I am and have received a DVD from him not so long ago which I regret I have not yet had time to watch.

    As I am going away this weekend.. with my laptop. perhaps i shall take it with me and catch up! Thanks for the prompt!

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