Mar 192010

I often heard of this Jodi Picoult but never had the opportunity to read her books. At the bookstore I always held her works as second choice if I couldn’t find something else but I’ve always managed to find something else to take home. When a friend of a friend offered me Plain Truth I dove right in and barely came up for air.

Reading it very quickly because I had to give it back but more so because I thoroughly enjoyed it I learned how grateful I was to have waited until I was good and ready before I had my son. As this story followed Katie, a practicing Amish, through her struggle of finding out where she belonged more so than who she is the death of a baby was terrifying to me.

To find myself believing that a mother could murder her own child just after giving life to it was horrifying. To imagine a young woman going through labour and delivery by herself on the floor of a barn was enough to make me sick. How morally right is a religion if they turn an innocent child away?

This is a must read in my opinion and I’m now hooked on this author and reading The Pact as I write this.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I have read that book (and some more of hers) and really like her style. Jodie Picoult always writes a very compelling story with lots of threads interwoven and lots of background knowledge about the setting it is placed in.
    I can only recommend to you to read some more of her :).

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