Mar 082010

Not my typical choice for a novel I am very thankful I won it and had the pleasure of reading it.
Wondrous Strange
takes its readers on a wonderful adventure of faeires, magic and mystical creatures while expanding our imagination and wonder.

Becoming accustomed to reading possible real life scenarios, feasible murders and crimes, I had a difficult time during on particular action scene but got through it and read the tale in its entirety. I was reminded of The Host by Stephenie Meyer but faster paced and a mythical book that actually kept my attention throughout. Directed to young adult readers I quite enjoyed this story and often times couldn’t wait to get back into it.

We follow Kelley, a mere mortal by the perspective of the Janus and Faeries, as she blossoms into adulthood and takes on responsibilities she never thought possible in a million years. Being promoted to lead actress in a Shakespearean play was something she thought would take all of her focus until she met Sonny.

Swept off her feet with the gift of a peach rose in late October then stalked by the man of her dreams, Kelley was confused and distracted with the idea of a horse in her bathtub and a roommate who strictly forbid pets in their apartment.

Wondrous Strange indeed had Central Park turning into a much more magical place than we imagine it today. Livingston’s writing style, fast paced action and beautiful romance made this novel a recommended read in my opinion. Of course it helps that she’s a fellow Canadian author.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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