Mar 242010

Wow! I just finished this book and can’t believe the power of it. Only my second book by the same author I am now wondering why it took me so long to start reading her work.

Although each novel is confusing in the same way if you’re able to follow the seemingly random story lines for the first 100 or so pages they merge wonderfully. I just don’t know how Picoult is able to keep her stories straight without merging them before necessary. The complexity of each novel is relevant in more than just the multiple story lines but is evident in the courts cases as well.

During the reading of The Pact I continually attempted to convince myself of the way it all played out on that chilly night in November and was still shocked to finally discover what may or may not have happened.

What immediately drew me in to this book was the relationship between Chris Harte and Emily Gold as love should be able to conquer all, which I think they both believed and yet the tragic end of Emily’s life was enough to have you doubt it. Being in love is a marvelous thing that can feel like your heart is being stomped on. To not know if it’s being held by family or friend is tragic.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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