Mar 082010

I fell in love with this story long before realizing it was written by a fellow Canadian author and then fell in love with it all over again when I did.

Throughout this story of a serial baby snatcher I looked down at my son and thanked the universe for protecting my first born and keeping him healthy and beautiful. I couldn’t imagine the heartache, and don’t want to yet this book made me, of losing a child to death, to adoption, to a psychopath. Laurel has to face two of these but one may have been by her own hand.

Claire started this tale with the heartache of losing a loved one to the Russian mob, or so she thought and thinks throughout but questions the idea many, many times. I had my doubts about each character and yet fought for, defended and felt sorry for some and didn’t get the ending right until I read it.

Taylor took me on so many random thoughts in the duration of this novel yet tied it all up nicely at the conclusion. I’m not sure if I would have ended some things the same way she did but, then again, every writer tells a different story.

Definitely a recommended read so I passed it along.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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