Jan 172010

This weekend brought back some sweet and not so sweet memories, friends and wonderful times but that wasn’t the best moment, although they were fantastic. The particular moment I’ll always remember, cherish and talk about is the comment on my parenting.

I was thinking how great it would feel to be told I was being a good mother to my two month old son. I believe I am, I know I’m doing my best and that my husband and I have made very many important decisions such as no television or soother; important to myself although they made not be consider right by every parent out there. I decided long before I had a child that I would not have my child become dependent on a soother or television. Thus far William hasn’t even seen a soother and has watched less than a minute of television (we had him watch Halifax ring in the New Year and the ball drop in New York).

I’m proud because I stayed true to my feelings and haven’t caved on my beliefs and am even more proud of my husband for following my leads and doing the same. Whether or not these decisions are correct or not we feel that we have been doing what’s best for our child.

Only a few moments after the thought of how great being recognized for what I’ve been doing was I told by someone I greatly respect that Paul and I have surprised him by being perfect parents. What I find even more compelling is who said it and that it was said completely randomly.

I trust the Law of Attraction, I know that it exists and this moment was still surprising but amazing at the same time. My weekend was complete with best friends, terrific memories, and lasting impressions that will forever be cherished.

Thanks for reading,
Sarah Butland

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