Aug 212009

The back of the CD states “Healing is done on four different levels: emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.” As it promises, this compilation does it all.

It’s approximately 45 minutes of pure positivity and spoken with such gentleness and calm it makes you feel like you’re in the moment the two, Bev and Melissa, describe. Matched with brilliant music by Stephane Boudreau, the meditations bring to life the positive force inside you which can sometimes be quite difficult to find.

From Gratitude to the Chakra Garden, The Healing Path Guided Meditations reverberates for hours and makes one feel loved, through and through.

The idea of the Law of Attraction certainly brings a lot of like minded people together and this is a portion of that positivity. You can embrace even more by visiting Positive Vibes today and picking up your own copy of The Healing Path. Ask Chapters Moncton for your copy today!

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