Aug 032009

My first Thom Racina experience was impressive and I’ll continue to pick up others written by him. Deadly Games pits religion against faith, children against beliefs, parents against children and all while someone lurks in the close distance.

Practice Run is the game of the year, having everyone addicted and parents loving it as its efforts promote literacy in that it promotes comprehension of stories that kids need to grasp to continue their beloved game. Parents are waiting for new releases as they know it’ll be everything they and their children want… or is it?

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With nationwide chaos and the only thing linking suicide missions a video game, the FBI is left to investigate people they trust and befriend while putting their lives at risk before they come to any conclusions.

It didn’t take me long to read through this book – a craving for a good story and a weekend by the water was all I needed to read Thom Racina’s Deadly Games from cover to cover! And what a grand weekend it was.

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