Jul 312009

My first Dean Koontz experience was thrilling, confusing, jaw-dropping and inspirational. The Good Guy started off by making me a skeptic wondering what was behind the main character’s motivation to take it upon himself to play the murderer-for-hire and then the employer to the actual hitman. I read the entire book wondering what his reasoning was only to be shocked by the truth.

Giving this best-selling author the benefit of the doubt I read with speed and interest and was inspired to realize how simply the story was weaved with such common vocabulary. As an emerging author I was awe-struck to realize how similar my own tales were, unbelievable and otherwise.

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Excited to read another Dean Koontz book I was impressed to read The Good Guy as my very first experience. Although my opinion is subject with the reading of additional books by the same author I am inspired and motivated to finish my own novel to see what all of you think.

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