Jul 142009

I’m not sure if it has to anything to do with my love of children or that I’m expecting my first one but Hold Tight just lept into the number one spot on my Harlan Coben favourites list. With parents of all backgrounds left wondering how far you should go to protect your family, Coben’s newest characters answer a lot while leaving me questioning so much more.

How far is too far when it comes to your children? Tia and Mike Baye, parents of two, feel they did everything right until their son’s friend commits suicide and their own son turns his sadness inwards.

Not being able to reach their teenager,  the Baye’s are much like everyone else in their community but risked everything to take one extra measure. What their actions unraveled was much more than they ever thought possible.

Coben always has me guessing and so I try harder to sort everything out before he spells it out. This time, like all others, he had me suspecting everyone and doubting everything. Although there was one minor detail I uncovered almost immediately prior to Coben telling me, I’m still in awe as to how he does it.

As a writer myself I love twists and turns and often write in ones I would never have expected but I never trust them enough to feel that all its readers will be stunned by the ending.

Hold Tight, although I’m still deciding if it’s my favourite book by all authors so far, far surpassed my high expectations.

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