Jun 282009

My weekend has been spent preparing my second Ebook for publication and now it’s live.

Fill In The Blank Letters offers a creative way of getting your child to send a family member or friend a letter. Get them to enjoy reading and writing without even thinking about it!

This ebook offers over 45 letters which require only a check box and to fill in the blanks of their name and their friends name and they are ready to send!

I received a book of Fill In The Blank letters as a child when I moved from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick and loved to send them to friends. Most times I would add them as a bonus to a long letter I’ve personally written but you certainly don’t have to! These Fill In The Blank letters will surely impress.

Do you remember how great you felt when there was something in the mailbox with your name on it? Wouldn’t it be great to feel that again, knowing it’s not a bill of some kind? Start the trend of filling mail boxes and hearts with a personalized letter again.

Check out “Fill In The Blank Letters” for details.

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