Jun 142009

If you haven’t heard yet, I am about 16 weeks pregnant with my first child and growing fast! Every day before I knew I was expecting I strived to excel at everything I sunk my teeth into and now it is more important than ever. I am trying to set myself up for not only personal success but monetary success while being creative enough to know why I’m doing the things I do and loving it.

With this being said, I am trying to involve my writing into everything I put my hands on and realized recently that I actually am a full time writer now. Although it may not be the writing I always planned to make a career out of, it is a form of writing with freedom and a paycheck so I am more than thrilled at this prospect.

I am sure my new family will add to my collection of stories and cannot wait to see what I come up with once things settle down but I am hoping to finish my novel in the time that I have off (assuming the little one will be sleeping lots and I will be able to keep my eyes open when he/she does!). I am also trying to set up some websites that get traffic and make money on their own (ie It’s Raining Gifts and Fountains Fast) which are both doing very well now but can always grow.

The new baby will also mean many more pictures so many more posts on I Am Corona, most likely starting off gently with posts of baby and cat before moving on to baby and dog. Yes, I love to be busy if it is doing something for myself and the greater good of my family so I will keep trying to improve on what I do best – writing and posting!

Sarah Butland

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