Jun 232009

Having heard such rave reviews regarding Meyer’s Twilight series I was an anxious to read her books as I was the well-known and loved Harry Potter series. Any book or series that has the young generation wanting to read has my attention.

The trouble with both the Harry Potter and Twilight series is their fantasy genre (which I say loosely). With so many other books on my shelf I couldn’t bear the thought of forcing myself to read a genre I don’t absolutely love.

When I saw The Host, Stephenie Meyer’s novel for adults, I wanted to read it but couldn’t justify it’s purchase. When I received it as a Christmas present I was more than delighted and put it on my list of immediate reads.

When I was able to get to it I did so with an open mind knowing it’s genre was not a typical one for me.

Diving in I had to say I struggled getting through the first 60 or so pages. I ventured on, bargaining with myself that I would make it to 100 pages and if I still wasn’t enjoying it I would stop. I soon found myself caring about the main characters, Melanie and Wanderer, and their welfare so I kept going past page 100. When I became accustomed to putting the book down, reading others and dreading trying to get back into the book I knew it was time to move on.

I have to clarify:
– I’m not a fantasy/ science fiction nor vampire fan
– I’d recommend this book to any who is
– I completely respect and admire any author who becomes a bestseller quickly, especially with children’s and young adult’s books
– I am grateful to have had the opportunity to read The Host

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I normally would/ do not write reviews on books I don’t finish, simply because I’m an author myself and want each one of my readers to finish the book before making up their mind. I do not expect any fan of her work or anyone new to Meyer’s work to take this rant personally.

I still do have the book and will soon have one year off so may be able to read the rest of The Host then. If I do, I’ll update you on my opinion to see if it has changed.

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