Jun 242009

A book featured in the video The Secret, The Science of Getting Rich, is only the beginning of the three classics contained in The Science of Success. It’s classics also include The Science of Being Well and The Science of Being Great.

Although I found it somewhat difficult to read I made my way through every chapter and feel enlightened for doing so. The Certain Way, I realize, is relevant in all three and can be easy to achieve. I am, however, most skeptical and yet most curious about The Science of Being Well.

I previously believed that I questioned every concept presented to me but understood, during the reading of Being Well, I hadn’t questioned enough. It seems I trusted everything up until I graduated as my “formal” education was what everyone needed – or so I thought.

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Now I ponder who decided what it was we all needed to know in order to get our diploma. Why do we have to follow the Canadian Food Guide to be healthy and not someone else’s strategy?

I know who I am and do see who I will become, a lesson taught in The Science of Being Great. I will pass this along as I am convinced a positive attitude and smiles are contagious and make the world a great place to live in.

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