Jun 232009

Catching up on older Coben books has proven to be incredibly quick and easy. This author, with even his less impressive books, blows me away with each and every turn.

No Second Chance had me distraught from the very beginning – literally. The title had me wondering where my life would be if I was never given a second chance and it’s thoughts disturbed me. I had to read the rest and, although I didn’t find it on the same magnificent level as the ones I’ve read previous, it was one of the best novels I’ve ever read.

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Marc, this novels main character, was left for dead and when he pulled through things got even worse.

His wife murdered, their 6 month old daughter disappeared, someone non-descriptive picking up the ransom – all Marc had to live for was disappearing and fast.

Repairing physical features of strangers while his own life was in shambles, Marc pulled through somehow but was left wondering it it’s the wrong thing for the right reason or the other way around.

Sarah Butland

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