Jun 222009

Harlan Coben is an author that the owner of Cover to Cover Books in Riverview, NB recommended and I haven’t been disappointed yet!

Promise Me followed previously introduced character, Myron Bolitar, through his personal trauma of asking a friend’s daughter to promise him she would call if she was ever in trouble. A simply innocent approach to avoiding a teenager driving with another drunk driver this led into much more than Myron ever expected.

Soon the teenage girl took Myron up on his offer and called him. She ensured, above all else, that he would not tell anyone of the phone call or the favour he acted on for her and so he kept his word.

Coben, a master of mystery, led me to believe the guilty were everyone I didn’t think of. Taking each character to be a vital piece of the story line I knew he would surprise me but, having read a work of his before, I tried desperately to fit some pieces together before being shocked. It didn’t work and he got me again.

Let Harlan Coben intrigue and surprise you; pick up a copy of Promise Me today and see how a simple favour can turn into such an intricately weaved masterpiece.
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