Mar 052009

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take up curling to encourage my husband to get back into it and I unfortunately quickly had an accident and cracked my elbow when I fell. This was quite uncomfortable and did not allow me to write anything at all, let alone update this site.

Now I’m back and determined to do all the writing I possibly can whenever and wherever I can as that’s what I love to do and without a right arm (I am right handed) I would be devastated. So now I will keep this website moving as well as updating my other sites on a more regular basis.

While learning that Chapters wasn’t as supportive of fellow Canadians as I first expected them to be I have to move on and create my own ways to be a success. I’ve already sent several emails to several well known companies and plan to do a whole lot more for Sending You Sammy and Brain Tales – Volume One than ever before. Chapters will certainly be sorry.

Until next time… keep reading!

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