Feb 112009

Although I posted earlier regarding how excited I was about my books becoming available through the Canadian book retailer Chapters it has finally been brought to my attention that this is not happening. After many months of my persistently checking on this site and emailing the company I have finally received word that, due to costs of buying from a US printer they are unwilling to look further into supplying my book.

Although my printer has made my books available to Canada through Chapters and I live in Canada I have come to find out that despite making the connection with a distributor who has a relationship with Chapters Indigo I’m still not a client Chapters wants to represent.

This means I will no longer be supporting Chapters in any way as I find this experience with them inconsiderate and inexcusable. My community profile on Chapters Indigo will no longer be monitored and, although I am only one customer/ author, I will certainly not be visiting their store or buying online from them.

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