Apr 082009

Once again I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the Law of Attraction and how it’s been working directly for me. Being a writer when I hear of a poetry contest I pounce at the opportunity to tackle the challenge at hand no matter the prize so when I heard our local CBC Information Morning was holding a curling poetry contest I was game!

I sat down one night and just wrote a couple of poems that contained the words required (rock, broom and 106.1) and entered them when the contest opened. Then I began telling everyone that I was taking my husband to a curling draw (Men’s World are in Moncton) because I was winning some tickets, all I had to do was wait until it was announced before I knew which game.

This is one poem that I submitted:

’twas only in Canada that irons appeared

Without a better story or history documented
from hubcaps of gun carriages curling fermented.
Curling clubs were formed, hand picked by a few
The Montreal Curling Club was our first, that is true.

With settling and job hunts Winnipeg became the hub
The epic center of North America, the place to join the club.
Hospitals rejoiced as the losers of the games donated
until 1879 where an oyster dinner was celebrated.

106.1 years later an historic event occurred
TV coverage, the Scott champion and analysis concurred
The rocks and brooms were here to stay
and people of all ages were eager to play.

Now in the spare time that some people have
a group of eight can be halved.
A skip, a mate, a second and lead
calculate distance and skill and speed.

The end of each ice sees a hack and a ring
while each player his best he does bring.
It started with iron and developed to granite
the history of curling is greatly infinite.

By: Sarah Butland

And guess what?! I have the afternoon off as we are off to see a Men’s curling draw!

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