Jul 292022

Still not yet a review, just a moment that I was inspired to share and show up for. There are many similarities I’m finding, within the stories in From Showing Off to Showing Up and this particular one brought back a situation I am not proud of. One, like Nancy’s, is a moment that ripped a thread in a friend ship that would never be the same and that I’ve held onto for far too long. A defining moment when I showed off and resented it immediately.

This goes back to a time when I was convinced I was special. More unique and destined for greater things than my friends, classmates, etc. I was young and na├»ve enough to not understand that almost everyone’s parents instilled this same promise/burden unto their child. Often times, putting all their eggs in one basket if you will, with the promise of greatness from their offspring.

So there I was, with friends and classmates, picking up garbage to clean up a park or playground with our school. Learning a lesson of giving back and cleaning up. I’m not sure what exactly inspired it but it was a fulfilling day… until the local newspaper reporter showed up. We were supposed to be doing all of this because it was the right thing to do, not for celebrity sake but there he or she was to take a picture of a young student in action, doing their part to give back to society.

And there I was, not being the one interviewed for the story despite being the “special” one, the aspiring journalist, the constant writer, the one striving for fame even at a young age. Unfortunately instead of just standing their in silence, or in pride of the close friend who was chosen (and is oh so very special, always was) I pouted and said aloud, “That’s not fair.” That may not be verbatim but whatever I said was hurtful and heard. Repeated by others who quickly scattered, giving me enough space to stand in misery and regret. I was trying to show up and was mad that no one recognized my future potential. It really had nothing to do with my friend, it had everything to do with my fear.

This created a chasm that wasn’t easily but was eventually repaired, it was just never the same. I realized much later that it was an opportunity to show up and be excited for my friend instead of so self-centered for myself.

And that is a reason, of many, I recommend From Showing Off to Showing Up by Canadian author Nancy Regan. Stay tuned for a full review later.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

PS: Please share a story if you can relate to this one.

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