Nov 172021

I have never loved a story as much as felt frustrated by it in the same way as I did with Poles Apart which just makes me like it even more.

A story about a male feminist who is fighting for equality through his words. A freelancer, only child, son of divorced parents and someone who witnessed first hand how easily one can ignore their own selfish ways. A lot of crazy luck happened throughout this story which has me, as a freelancer writer and regular blogger, motivated and wanting to strangle Ev, the main character, I could not put this book down.

The second book of Ontario author Terry Fallis that I read, I am craving to read all of the books he has available and wish I read them before seeing him at Read By The Sea Literary Festival. He seems approachable, comedic yet powerful and very, very humble.

To pick up a book I know little about and be hooked immediately from the first quote than scene doesn’t happen often enough. With Terry Fallis, I’ve come to trust all of his books will and am eager to read the next one.

Thanks for reading, and especially for reading Canadian!

Sarah Butland

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  1. Very kind of you, Sarah. Thanks so much. Hope our paths cross again sometime.


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