Mar 272019

With dreams coming true and opportunities being presented, and I have recently decided to just say yes to it all. As scary as some projects can be, the lights are shining down on the path before me to help me gain the confidence to know I’m right where I need to be.

There are still disappointments for sure, and it’s not all spotlights and pots of gold but those obstacles are much more telling and motivating, encouraging me to keep going and do more.

Most recently I said yes to attending the Metro Moncton Book Festival ( on June 8, 2019. I already know the majority of the organizers and authors attending and trust I’ll meet many others I will adore along with many readers that attend to meet an author and buy a book or more.

I still hear “no”, I still make mistakes and my schedule can be overwhelming but if I don’t stay busy I don’t thrive.

Not to mention, I feel like I’m now my son’s manager of sorts as I take care of his Wild Willie’s Book Reviews YouTube Channel and Amazon affiliate links. He’s a reader who makes me so proud to be a part of his success and life in general.

If you’re here reading this I want to know what you’ll be saying yes to today.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

author of Blood Day, Being Grateful, Being Thankful, Life Imitated and so many more

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