May 022018

See part 1: Abandoned

Lucas was not about to leave before the rest of the crowd called it a night. Helen already thought he was such a baby and this was a chance to prove her wrong. He felt he was old enough to take care of himself and was surprised she seemed to feel the same as he turned to see her walk away. “I’ll find my own way home, then.” Lucas was as stubborn as he was timid.

Looking up to see Charlie still close he decided to stick with her, one of the only faces he still only barely knew. Lucas knew she was in a lot of the same classes as Helen though wasn’t sure if they were friends or merely classmates. She started moving towards the house, away from the crowd and Lucas had to hustle to catch up. Panting when he finally reached her she turned with a puzzled look.

“Are you following me?”

“No…yes… I just… You know my sister – Helen- and she left. I wanted to stay and wanted to know where you were going.”

“You got balls, kid. Does she know you’re with me?” Not that Charlie actually cared but she was an only child and and very little to do with kids. She simply knew she didn’t want to start now but felt she had no choice.

“Balls? No, sorry, I didn’t bring any. What are you going to do?”

Charlie seemed confused at first, more confused than Lucas and then she realized she’d have to watch her language around him. “Oh, right, I thought I’d discourage others from following us by making a path of balls, they would at least slow them down.”

“Where are you, er we, going?” Looking towards the house Lucas shivered at the idea of getting any closer to it. The crowd wasn’t moving an inch and seemed a safer option. He was stubborn though and hated the thought of another person thinking he was a baby so he stayed.

“Just up to the step. I want to take a picture of the crowd to submit to the Broadcast and my blog. You coming?”

Lucas was determined to go and show his big sis how brave he could be. When they arrived and she took a few pictures of the crowd Lucas caught his breath and asked if he could be in one of the pictures, with the house as the background. Charlie agreed and had Lucas stand right by the door as she took a few steps back for the best vantage point.

The flash blinded Lucas, eyes being too well adjusted to the dark, and he stumbled a bit. “Did you get a good one?” There was no answer. “Charlie? Did you need to take another one?” Lucas didn’t hear an answer or a sound from the crowd and when his eyes fixed themselves he was terrified at what they saw.

That’s it for now…stay tuned for part three “Charlie“.

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