Apr 012018

A is a very common start of many words related to being an author and writing so when I signed up for the A to Z Challenge I contemplated the A word most. It could easily be for April – the month this challenge is beginning, A is for Author, and Author Platform, Ability, Absolute, and so many more but I am confident with my choice of Aspirations, for many reasons.

As far back as I can remember, being an author has always been my biggest professional aspiration, along with my personal ones getting married and having a child, was to be an author and enjoy what doing that for a living. I still remember, in high school, being so confident about eventually becoming an author that I told a classmate I’d be the next Shakespeare but of the female kind. My “big time aspiration” has been altered slightly, realizing that I need to become me and not like anyone else but still through writing, my imagination captured through stories.

While sometimes my aspiration brings perspiration, my fuel of passion is lit when I receive words like this from a friend I’ve met solely through my books:

I love someone who can pull me into a story. I will read anything.

This to say, if you have a hope or ambition to do something I hope you’ll do it. Ignore the doubts you hear, from others as well as your own self-doubt, and ensure you incorporate more and more of what you love into your day.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

author of Being Grateful, Being Thankful

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  1. Aspiration certainly brings about a lot of perspiration 🙂

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