Jul 092017

As an introvert, or maybe more as a curious soul – whatever it is about me that makes me fret over making a phone call, chat about the weather or tell you what’s new motivates me to find those who feel the same way.

I’ll have you over for a cup of your choosing but what I’m wanting to do is fill my soul with your wisdom. To listen to you talk about your life decisions and goals, your aspirations and how you’ve come so far and not so much about the deal you found on a dress you’re wearing.

So when I listened to this Ted Talk I felt at home. That Ah-Ha moment that comes so seldom sent shivers down my back. It makes sense now of why I do get annoyed with some people and crave others and what I want to get past the chit chat and really dive into what makes you tick. It’s also why I often as questions in my posts – because I really do want to have that conversation which debates controversial topics and I’ll almost always take the opposite side as you just to learn more.

Social media is the best form of small talk but also is the reason so many of us still feel very much alone. I don’t share in Memes or tell you how my chicken is doing daily and I’ll only share my meal if it’s something I’m very proud of or am supporting an amazing passion in the effort.

I want to talk big and I want to find others who want that, too! Are you one to talk? Learn more about it at Make Big Talk.

Let me know how you feel and please, be big and be honest!

Sarah Butland

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