Jan 092017

Waiting for the Universe to offer you what you think you need/want can be brutal, especially for the impatient. Many people I know dream big and then are too tired to think small so dance in circles just hoping someone grabs them to bring them into the world in their head.

But it takes more than waiting, dreaming and dancing (though you can make all three aspects of that fun, too) to get to the place you deserve to be in. Whether it’s a better relationship, job, better shape, or more financially secure there is something you can do!

Don’t worry about the how, though

Easier said than done but succeeding in your life is not all about figuring out how to get that bigger pay cheque or fancier car, it’s about enjoying where you are right now but showing the Universe you’re ready and willing.

Taking even just baby steps in any direction will boost your outlook, energy and overall well-being. It’s not about knowing the how and figuring out how to make that happen, it’s about being in love with what you do and the path will show itself. So take that tiny flashlight and start wandering the road, you’ll soon find a brighter and more efficient flashlight to light the best path for you, whatever and wherever that may be and will lead.

What have you done today to get you on a path to your future success?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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