Sep 232016

I sometimes read books where female characters are made to be the secondary characters or made to look less than the male dominating character. I’m not sure the author does this intentionally and it doesn’t really take me away from the story but finding stories with stronger woman is something I’m always looking for.

I can find that in Zara Steen’s books. Most recently reading her novel, King of Shadows, I met the main characters of the series again, Salha and Samira, sisters from Halifax. In King of Shadows they are displaced to a land they never fathomed existed, leaving everything they knew and loved behind.

Instead of being afraid of their new life, they learned to love and battle as necessary, never once backing down from who they are and the rights they believe in. They are woman I can easily admire and be fond of, feeling a bit mightier while they hike through the woods alongside men while pregnant. It’s obvious these sisters come by their strength honestly, through the warrior within Zara Steen herself.

We can all learn a bit of confidence from all of Steen’s characters, men and women both, as they are equals within her fantasy stories and learn to be sure of who they all are.

I’ve read a few of her stories now and see this mastery of equality in each of them so highly recommend them to you! And if you know of another author or book that centers around a strong female character please share it below!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Blood Day the Short Story, Blood Day the Novella and Arm Farm

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