Nov 012016

I’ve been distracted, holding back and using excuses and trying to hide behind other obligations and personal control issues. Not anymore!

I’m letting go, getting focuses and committing, for the second time, to completing National Novel Writing Month. I have a start, a mission, leaped over the first hurdle that often slows me down and I’m going for it.

Have you set a monstrosity of a goal you never thought it possible to meet? Did you far surpass it or give up on yourself along the way?

I have a tendency to know I want it, to ask for it and then put it low on the priority list and hide my embarrassment when others ask about my progress. Just twenty minutes into November 1st 2016 I am exposing myself to all of you by telling you my objective to finish Dancing to Silence (working title) this month PLUS post updates on here more regularly.

Did you bite off more than you can chew ever? Share your story, motivate me and express yourself by commenting below.

Thanks for reading and supporting,

Sarah Butland

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