Apr 012016

After much consideration and not being able to find time to write I am switching my passion to music. I used to play trumpet and shy away from singing but recently discovered my son and I make the perfect duet.

I signed up for singing lessons and they want to know what songs to focus on so here’s your chance to help. Please let me know what genre to start in as I love all types of music – yes, including country, and willing to try anything.

For those who have read my books, reviewed them and followed me in my writing career thus far – much appreciation to you!

Please subscribe to my youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHjRVSPWDMSPfP4OCiX31OA and stay tuned for lots of new videos.

Thanks again for bearing with me as I find and reinvent myself.

Thanks for listening,

Sarah Butland

**I am not a singer, writing is my passion so that’s what I’ll stick with!**

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