Aug 092016

On my wrist for almost a year I’ve worn a bracelet given to me by a great friend – Wendy Kitts. It’s nothing too impressive at first glance as it’s one of the rubber bands a lot of people have these days with words written on them. Much like some will wrap a string around a finger to remember something, these bracelets are inexpensive yet priceless for the word or phrase displayed on them. Reminding the wearer of whatever it is they support.

You know the ones – something that supports the cure for cancer or some other cause. They were very popular a couple of years ago as it seemed everyone was wearing them and each would show some other word, personal to the cause.

Mine isn’t for a cause primarily, but for a reminder of all that the world can offer. It simply says, along with the Tut website address and an infinity symbol:

Infinite Possibilities

Yesterday, 8/8/2016, was Infinite Possibilities Day. A day highlighted especially because of its double infinity symbols in the digits to remind us that nothing is impossible. A phrase, an outlook and focus on life that we should celebrate every day as we awake to another 24 hours of many miracles, no matter how groggy you may feel or what day of the week it is.

My 6 year old son watched a high school play of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory almost two years ago and still sings the words “All you gotta do is think positive!” And he’s right.

Think Positive

People can argue about the concept of everything happens for a reason until they tire of talking and still not come up with a conclusion. Hardships and problems do exist, we lose loved ones and wonder how we’ll live without them but we do. We go on and, though we remember them fondly for all that they have offered, we better ourselves every day because we knew them or experienced the miracle of their life.

It doesn’t always seem easy to see the bright side of things though it does always exist.

With infinite possibilities I was able to connect with many wonderful souls throughout my life, to accomplish all that I have and continue to dream of what is yet to come. The possibilities are endless and when I ask my son what he wants to be the list is ongoing. He’s confident he will be in the NHL, drive a taxi and pave roads in the off season. I don’t doubt for a second that he’ll do all of this and more because he does think positive and trusts that everything will work out just as it should.

So as I feel the band on my arm or feel the indents of the letter on the strap I do smile as I know everything is happening as it should and that I’m taking the steps to get there.

What are you doing to live your dream today?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Being Grateful, Being Thankful

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