Oct 122014

An author recently asked what crowdfunding was and I was happy to answer – an opportunity for a business, be it an author, mechanic, inventor, etc, to gain momentum financially to ensure they can follow their dream.

IndieGogo is a popular one but Pubslush was designed specifically with authors in mind to ensure they had a resource available to raise funds from loyal supports to complete a book and have it made available for even more readers.

No Risk, Big Reward

With each donation an author typically gives you a reward. Whether it is a mention in the book, a postcard or copy of the book, these rewards are intended to say thank you to the contribution.

In celebration of the Canadian Thanksgiving and upcoming Christmas holidays, I am launching my own campaign to ensure I can get Being Grateful, Being Thankful:: Appreciate Everything to Be Happy For Even The Rain Brings Rainbows available for fans to buy it for gifts.  It’s impossible to gift wrap an ebook and readers have been asking for the opportunity to gift it to their friends and family as a paperback.

My Gift to You

Among the rewards, if you’re able to donate to this campaign, I currently have Arm Farm available for $0.99 or less for a limited time.

I do hope you’ll visit my campaign site today to give back. Even if you just become a fan of my efforts it would mean so much to me and for that I thank you.

Thanks for reading and contributing,

Sarah Butland

author of Being Grateful, Being Thankful, Arm Farm, Blood Day and Sending You Sammy

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian Fans!

  One Response to “Gaining Momentum with CrowdFunding”

  1. Congrats on getting your book written, Sarah!

    I wish you well with the crowdfunding campaign, and will swing by shortly with a donation. Best of luck! I can’t wait to see the illustrated version of the book!

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