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When I found the opportunity to learn more marketing I jumped at the chance. Through Build a Business With Your Book I was able to connect with like-minded authors and very successful ones to learn from and look up to.

Most marketing experiences I’d had that were book specific did focus on non-fiction and although I did learn a lot to prepare for my  current WIP, a non-fiction piece, I was impressed with the coverage of fictional information as well.

D’vorah and Her Experts

I think I was most impressed with the vast array of experts who took part in this through blogs and webcasts who made even the repetitive information seem interesting. Each added their own element of motivation and story of success which inspires me to just keep writing and connecting.

There’s so much involved with ensuring your book finds readers, both before and after publication, as well as reviewers that it was beneficial to have so much available in this one course. Though each expert had their own course, book or program for sale I was most intrigued by How To Get Honest Reviews: 7 Proven Ways to Connect With Readers and Reviewers (Book Marketing Survival Guide Series) written by Shelley Hitz and Heather Hart and immediately bought it.

Though I have great reviews for my previously published books I do find it a major struggle once past the initial 5-7 in getting more.

What Surprised Me the Most

I’ve considered using IndieGoGo and such sites to help raise the funds to continue my children’s book series, Adventures of Sammy, but hesitated, believing if I couldn’t connect with enough readers with the first book why would they want more.

Now I’m not so afraid as I feel this is a great marketing concept which allows emerging authors to support their passion and connect with new readers. Instead of going with IndieGoGo, however, I have just signed up for an account with PubSlush instead, and plan to launch the campaign through them very soon.

Marketing, to me, is not all about the sales and instead is all about connections and I hope to stay in touch with many students of this program for years.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One, Arm Farm and Blood Day: The Short Story

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  12 Responses to “Building a Business With My Book”

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  2. Sarah, your site is gorgeous and your books look fascinating. Best of luck with your crowd founding project!

  3. Sarah, I agree the experts were really motivational and convicted me to act on their advise.This course has prepared me to launch my book with a level of confidence I did not have thirty days ago.

  4. I also heard of crowdfunding but didn’t have the nerve to try it. Best of luck with your endeavors.

  5. You’re right Sarah. I think the greatest thing about this entire 30-day challenge has been the fantastic group of experts D’vorah drew together. An amazing feast!

  6. I adore your website! It is extremely well laid-out and easy on the eyes…from an old lady that is a most perfect compliment. Thank you for being part of this journey Sarah! Let me know how it goes with PubSlush. I would love to use something like that to help with some funding for sharing my book with the children in women’s shelters, but unsure if it can be used for something like that. If you run across any info on that, please let me know. I hope our continuing journey allows our paths to cross frequently! Best of everything!

  7. Hi, Sarah, Thanks for sharing. I’d like to know what happens with PubSlush, Let me know if you’d like to guest blog on my site!

    From the BMC Blog Hop! If you put up your FB series or author page, I LIKED yours and would appreciate a reciprocation: https://www.facebook.com/TheSpannersSeriesbySallyEmber or a FOLLOW:http://www.sallyember.com Best to you!

  8. Hello Sarah, Yes, D’vorah and her experts did an incredible job with preparing be for my forthcoming book release. I love your background, the trees and nature are my specialty and love.

    Feel free to sign up for my newsletter. There link in on the homepage of my website and you will receive a free report about realized wealth and well-being. http://www.jazzyeco.com

    Have a great day.

  9. Hi Sara, Thanks for visiting my site. I’ve reached out to you on twitter and FB. My concern was getting reviews too – well, one of my concerns. I feel better equipped to tackle things now. Much success to you.

    I love the cover picture on you FB page.

  10. Sarah, I’m glad you found as much value in the Book Marketing Challenge as I did. I wish you all the best as we go forward in our careers as authors.

  11. Hi Sarah, you penned a great post in summarizing your experience. I too was impressed with D’vorah and the experts. They all gave information I could use and not just promos for their books. Thanks for visiting my blog. If my next book is for children, I will be sure and take you up on your invite to be a guest. Best wishes and hope your Pubslush experience works out well for you!

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