Jul 122014

Not my usual genre of choice, I was excited to read this Christian story of heartbreak and healing through a giveaway at R.A. Giggie’s blog.

Rebecca Waters is a new to me author but one I would love to read again.

In Breathing On Her Own, Waters describes a horrific situation for any mother, parent or family member. Starting with parents running into an emergency room in search of their daughter who was just in an accident. As the story unfolds we learn that she was out with a college friend, trying to keep up, and instead found herself at a complete stop – in a hospital bed struggling to breath without machines.

Molly, the stories main character, is the mom and who I could most easily relate to. Through discovering more and more about her first born, she also uncovers aspects of herself she wouldn’t before reveal to her loving husband.

Have Faith

The moral of this story is to have faith and though Molly was able to tell each character throughout the course of this story, she often doubted what she preached and struggled to understand why all of this was happening to her.

And yet, in the end, I felt as if it couldn’t have happened to a better family. One who put aside their differences to bond over a tragedy, a dinner of nuts and an ocean of dolphins.

For anyone who has found faith in a higher power and doubted it a few times, this book will have you breathing easier.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One, Blood Day: The Short Story and Arm Farm


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