Jul 072014

This is an outstanding short story that still creeps me out.

A mother eager to start her life again in her dream home with her twin 6 year old boys and loving husband. She is impressed when they move into the house offering her more than she could imagine which fulfilled such simple requests as room for two in the kitchen and a fixer-upper to make her own.

Until things start getting weird…

A hole in the wall behind a picture no one else dared to move. A home furnished and decorated, everything left behind by all the previous owners who weren’t as brave or inspired as Christine was. When she sees an eyeball staring back at her through the wall she begins her research and learns who once lived in the house.

Curses and Mysteries

Who is Christine to trust when she wakes to her son’s screams and sees an image in the corner of their room? Her husband doesn’t believe her, her co-workers from the library warn her and she needs to begin the repairs.

Sending her sons with her sister, away from harm, she thinks she has it all figured out until her husband comes home.

Enjoy the Journey but Beware…

I read this story over a week ago and it still gives me chills. Tardif is the Canadian master of suspense for me.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One, Blood Day: The Short Story and Arm Farm

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