Jun 032014

*I won this audio book through a giveaway the author hosted without any obligation to write a positive review.

New to audio books I hesitated listening to The Art of Murder but am glad I finally did take the plunge. With such limited time available to read, listening to a book in entirety over just a few hours is refreshing and makes it easy to stay connected.

The Art of Murder, One Act Play (Shortn’Small series of One Act Plays) is very plot driven but I still grew fond of Monty and the victim who dies an unfortunate death very early in the story. Chapter One and the introduction of many characters caught me interest and had me listening closely, trying to solve the “whodunit” mystery. Through twists and turns, awkward moments that felt real and clues left hidden in plain view, Sugarek’s audio book intrigued me.

What I also enjoyed was the narrator who changed his inflection and clear vocals as he took me on a journey.

I will definitely put this author on my to-read list as I feel I might have a different appreciation for the writing with taking it slow and reading the story.

Thanks for reading and sometimes listening,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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